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Req. No. Recipient Name Project Funded Grant Amt.
3861 Shimrit Perkol-Finkel Do urban marine structures facilitate Lessepsian migration? $3,350
3869 Matthew Balazik Atlantic sturgeon restoration $13,678
3875 Antonio Henrique da Fontoura Klein Identification of Sediment bypassing at headlanded embayed beaches. $6,000
3914 Kristian Taylor General Operating Funds $3,500
3921 Wendy Kneller Metacognition and memory impairment under the effects of nitrogen narcosis $6,220
3924 Gayatri Reksodiharjo-Lilley Community-based marine conservation management in Banggai archipelago $4,000
3928 Maulinna Wardhani Student Research: conservation and ecotourism prospect of mangrove area $1,517
3930 Jonathan Dale Nursery habitat use of the brown stingray $2,000
3931 Cynthia Grace $5,000
3933 Amadhan Takwir Student Research $2,147
3943 Elizabeth Lacey Florida International University $5,585
3979 Elizabeth McHuron Trace element imbalance as a potential mechanism for red-coated harbor seal $5,000
3986 Kendra Karr Research Funds $6,152
3997 Ivan Marin Studying diversity of cryptic crustaceans by rearing their plantonic larvae $5,300
4005 Nathan Kirk Parasitic apicomplexans associated with Caribbean reef corals $5,600
4017 Toby Nowlan Project Vaquita 2010 $5,200
4021 Suzanne Grant Compromised Immunity and a Marine Epidemic: The Mass-Mortality of Diadema $5,000
4028 Yi-jiun Tsai Marine Discovery $3,200
4030 Maria Christina Vasquez Research Funds $3,980.20
4032 Elizabeth Horpedahl PADI Foundation SEA Semester Scholarship $6,000
4059 Alejo Irigoyen Setting the basis for shark conservation in northern Patagonia, Argentina $5,650
4063 Monica Primost IMPOSEX AND BIOACCUMULATION IN Buccinanops globulosus EXPOSED TO TBT $5,250
4066 Ximena Escovar Population genetic study of blue shark, Prionace glauca $5,028
4067 Hannah Vander Zanden Ecology of individuals: Sea turtle dietary specialization $6,100
4095 Jeannette Loram Ocean acidifcation effects on corals: a genomic approach $10,266
4102 Chelsea Rochman San Diego State University $6,200
4121 Kristina Cammen Bottlenose Dolphin Susceptibility to Harmful Algal Blooms $8,600
4124 Benjamin Titus Assessing patterns of distribution and relatedness in Bartholomea annulata $4,170
4138 Jessica Pilarcyzk Microfossil Taphonomic Analysis as an Indicator of Paleo-Tsunami Deposits $3,000
4145 Felipe Maurin Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Herbivore-Plant Interactions $1,870
4154 Fabrice Jaine Local and global movements of the new species of manta ray (Manta alfredi) $9,000
4172 Brian Shaible Research Funding $3,665
4181 Paula Moore PADI Internships in Marine Science Research $5,000
4186 Sarah Davies Scientific Research Operating Funds $5,841
4198 Brendan Biggs Callyspongia plicifera disease study and coral reef conservation $4,450
4213 Susan Zaluski Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Monitoring, Education and Conservation Program $3,500
4217 Tye Pettay Dispersal of thermally toerant Clade D Symbiodinium in the Caribbean $2,075
4221 Ximena Velez-Zuazo Habitat Utilization of Sea Turtles in Peru and Interaction with Fisheries $4,000
4225 Christine Buck Master’s Research Project Funds $2,759
4232 Zaki Moustafa Gulf of Suez Fringing Coral Reef Study $2,900