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Recipient Name

Project Funded



1 Dr. Preethi Burkholder

Rajagiriya, SRI LANKA

Taxonomy and Distribution of Edible Crabs in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka (Scylla serrata) $1,200 $1,200
3 Gidon Winters


Temporal Changes in the Physiology of Corals With Relation to Bleaching $2,500 $2,500
17 Dr. Michael Zuykov

St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

Environmental Actinides Contamination: Role of Mollusk Shells in Migration of Americium in Aquatic Ecosystem and Its Decontamination Ability $3,876 $3,876
32 Brent Hughes

Moss Landing, California

Effects of Egregia menziesii Populations on Rocky Intertidal Algal Assemblages $2,494.54 $2,500
36 Mads S. Thomsen, Ph.D.

Morningside, Auckland


Predicting Survival of Tropical Macroalgae Under Extreme Wave Forces $6,700 $6,000
41 Dr. Gustavo Thompson

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires


The Influence of Human Activities in the Diversity of the Intertidal Macrofaunal Communities of the Sandy Beaches of Buenos Aires, Argentina $1,500 $1,500
45 Niger Delta Project for Environment, Human Rights and Development

Ogale-Nchia, Eleme

Rivers State


Training Local Conservationists to Carry Out Bio-Remediation and Re-Vegetation of Devastated Mangrove Sites in Goi Village Community in Ogoni, Rivers State, Nigeria $9,048 $4,500
54 Edi Rudi

Bogor, Barat


Coral Reef Community and Coral (Scleractinian) Recruitment After Tsunami Disaster in Sabang Waters, Aceh, Indonesia $5,720 $5,720
79 Kathleen M. Morrow

Northridge, California

Competitive Interactions Between the Sea Anemone, Corynactis californica, and Benthic Algae Are Mediated by Light and Water Flow in a Kelp Forest Habitat $3,300 $3,300
103 International Marinelife Alliance Vietnam


Community-Based Coastal Clean Up Initiative in Buffer Zone of Xuan Thuy National Park, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam $9,250 $3,000
111 Dr. Giuliano Buzá Jacobucci

São João da Boa Vista, São Paulo


Assessment and Characterization of Sargassum Beds on Northern Coastal Islands of São Paulo State, Brazil $3,280 $3,280
112 Joanna Stead, Ph.D. Candidate

St. Lucia, Queensland


The Biology and Ecology of the Brown-Banded Bamboo Shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum) Müller & Henle, 1938, in Queensland, Australia $6,572 $5,808
113 Isabel Cristina Sampaio Feitosa

João Pessoa


Ecology and Behavior of Estuarine Dolphin Sotalia guianensis (Cetacea, Delphinidae) and Its Interactions With Fishery and Tourism Activities in Baía Formosa, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil $9,353 $3,000
117 Áthila Bertoncini Andrade

Campinas, São José


Collaborative Approach in the Research of Dusky Grouper Biology $4,170 $4,170
122 Kanesa M. Duncan

Honolulu, Hawaii

High School Students Empirically Estimate Growth Rates of Juvenile Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks: An Education – Research Collaboration $1,676.42 $1,700
127 Yehudi Nafisa Rodríguez Arriatti

La Paz, Baja California Sur


The Molecular Phylogenetics of Endangerment in Tropical Coastal Habitats: Fishing Malpractice and Unresolved Systematics of Guitarfishes $3,558.71 $3,600
138 Susan Kevin

La Jolla, California

How Larval Diet Affects Early Development and Subsequent Adult Fitness in the Reef-Building Tube Worm Phragmatopoma californica $5,200 $3,800
139 Chris L. Chabot

Northridge, California

Population Genetics of the Tope Shark (Galeorhinus galeus) in Response to California Fishery Pressures $4,000 $4,010
149 David M. Baker

Ithaca, New York

A Century of Nitrogen Perturbations in the Caribbean Revealed Using Isotopic Analysis of Gorgonian Coral Skeletons $4,800 $4,000
155 Bengt J. Allen

Stony Brook, New York

Invasive Shore Crab Threatens Key Salt Marsh Species: The Importance of Direct and Indirect Interactions $2,422 $2,422
167 Adrianna Zito

Clemson, South Carolina

Testing the Allee Effect Recruitment Hypothesis: The Influence of Conspecific Cues and Community Composition on the Recruitment of Juvenile Spiny Lobsters $5,215 $5,215
168 Nicole D. Fogarty

Tallahassee, Florida

Hybridization Mechanism and Their Significance in Depauperate Acropora Populations $6,777 $3,800
169 Melissa Roth

La Jolla, California

Does Fish Size Matter? Evaluating the Effect of Herbivorous Fish Size on Macroalgal Communities on Coral Reefs $3,975 $3,975
170 Tania A. Sosa

Santa Cruz, California

Determining the Sources of a Harmful Algal Bloom Toxin in Coastal Sediments of Central California $10,149 $5,000
180 Sebastien Murat

Townsville, Queensland


Breath-Hold Diving on "Empty" Lungs by Humans: A Safer and More Cost-Efficient Strategy? $9,253 $9,253
182 Bernadette Bezy


Coral Reproductive Biology as a Basis for Marine Conservation in the Rapidly Developing Tourist Area of Culebra Bay, Costa Rica $6,860 $3,860
185 Edna R. Sabater

Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental


Concentration of Heavy Metals of the Melon-Headed Whale, Peponocephala electra, from the Bohol Sea: A Baseline Study $1,390.17 $1,400
186 Eugenia Sampayo

St. Lucia, Queensland


Flexibility of Corals Living Under Environmental Disturbance: Will Coral Reefs Be Able to Recover? $6,325.12 $6,326
187 Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

San Pedro, California

High School Research Internships for Summer 2005 $5,000 $5,000
199 Veronica Vigilant

Santa Cruz, California

Marine Algal Toxins in a California Estuary: Patterns and Possible Links to Eutrophication


201 Adriana Humanes Schumann


Evaluation and Comparison of the Size Structure of Coralline Populations with Diverse Reproductive Strategies at Different Depths and Substrates at Isla Larga, San Esteban National Park, Venezuela $1,450 $1,000
211 Cynthia Grazielle Martins Delboni

São Paulo, BRAZIL

Biodiversity and Distribution of Echinoderms at Two Different Areas in São Sebastião Island, Brazil: A Preserved Versus an Impacted Area $964.00 $964.00
220 Savannah Science Museum, Inc.

Savannah, Georgia

The Caretta Research Project $4,000 $4,000
227 Dr. Verena Häußermann

Valdivia, CHILE

Geographical and Bathymetrical Distribution of the Azooxanthellate Coral Banks in the Northern Patagonian Fjord Region and Implications for Their Conservation $9,860 $9,860
233 Derrick C. Blackmon

Dauphin Island, Alabama

Cross-Habitat Energy Exchange Via Nocturnal Invertebrate Drift Along the Florida Keys Reef Tract: Evidence of a New Pathway for the Allochthonous Input of Seagrass-Based Production for Coral Reef Predators $1,675 $1,675
234 Dr. K. Ramamoorthy, Ph.D., Parangipettai, Tamil Nadu


Effect of Post-Tsunami on the Breeding Grounds of the Endangered Turtle Population Along the Tamilnadu Coast (East Coast of India) $9,080 $2,900


Rômulo Romeu da Nóbrega Alves

João Pessoa, BRAZIL

Understanding the Links Between Fishers’ Traditional Knowledge, Seahorse Trade and Conservation in North and Northeastern Brazil $6,001 $6,001
248 Dr. Matthew A. Kosnik

James Cook University

Townsville, Queensland


Temporal Changes and Time-Averaging in Great Barrier Reef Molluscan Communities $7,700 $7,700
253 Ashley Frisch

James Cook University

Townsville, Queensland


The Effects of Spearfishing in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia $1,020 $1,020
263 Los Angeles Conservation Corps

Los Angeles, California

SEA Lab Research Project $11,200 $1,200
270 Lisa Mangiamele

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Variation in Migratory Behavior and Orientation Mechanisms in Three Populations of Loggerhead Turtle Hatchlings (Caretta caretta) $2,514 $2,514
274 Ashley P. Greenley

Moss Landing, California

Movement Patterns, Home Range, and Homing Behavior of Kelp Rockfish Sebastes atrovirens in Carmel Bay, California $4,000 $4,000
283 Arlene G. Sampang

Los Baños, Laguna


Improving the Ancestral Domain Management Plan of the Calamian Tagbanua in Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines Using Local Ecological Knowledge and Traditional Resource Management Practices on Fish $2,000 $2,000